SUNSET Landscaping and Designs Pool Division

SUNSET Landscaping and Designs Pool Division is the best in the business. Developed to service our clients looking for a turnkey pool and landscape installation, the Sunset Pool Division will tackle any pool project no matter how challenging the site.

Sunset Pool DivisionThe advantages to working with a contractor that can handle the design and installation of your pool and landscape under one umbrella are numerous. Details are often overlooked when dealing with separate pool and landscape contractors. By hiring a contractor that installs both, the process becomes seamless, easy, and often times less expensive.

The Sunset Pool Division designs, engineers, permits and builds pools on various sites throughout the valley. If your home or lot is on a hillside, our Pool Division can accommodate your needs. We are accustomed to digging and installing pools prior to home construction taking place. When dealing with lots where access will be limited after the home is built, it is important to think about your pool installation before home construction begins. Sunset will assist you in this process and will handle any and all necessary preparations. We will handle every aspect of the process. From the initial design through engineering and permitting and finally constructing the pool, it is our goal to make your pool purchase as enjoyable and easy as possible.

The Sunset Pool Division can assist with the restoration or renovation of your existing pool. We install new pools on existing homes throughout Phoenix as well. We will handle all of the necessary steps to make your existing residence Pool Barrier Code compliant if you would like to add a pool at your home.

The Sunset Pool Division designs and builds:Custom Pools Arizona

We are Pool Renovation Experts as well!